Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SDR-2000.UA (ver 2.0) HF/50MHz All mode SDR

After years of research and dozens of experiments we would like to present you our version of SDR. This compact, light, sophisticated piece of hardware turns your computer into a modern, State-of-The-Art all mode Transceiver, giving you features that go far beyond the possibilities of any stand-alone mobile radio. 
•  One board 15 Watt SDR transceiver 
•  Optimized low noise DDS module 
•  Internal TCXO 
•  New Tx mixer 
•  Standalone one chip Pre-amplifier 
•  Embedded antenna switch + two Tx/Rx antenna connectors 
•  USB interface and FPGA control circuits 

•  100W PA (two RD100HHF) 
•  Internal ATU 
•  SWR-meter 
•  VHF/UHF converter 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Perfect conditions on 144MHz

Never heard so many EU and UK stations on 2 meters... Last three days were magic.
Made several interesting contacts using 6+9 el SAT Yagi, installed on tripod on my balcony, just 2 meters above ground.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

VHF listening - Navigational warning

Navigational warning from Danish Coast guard taken recently around 160MHz. Ferry Lisco Gloria is on fire and not under command..

On the night of October 9, near the German city of Kiel a fire broke out onboard the Lithuanian ferry DFDS Lisco Gloria, owned by Danish company DFDS seaways. This ferry runs three times a week on the route Klaipeda – Kiel – Klaipeda. All 249 passengers and crew were rescued after the first early-morning blast on Saturday. The rescued included 28 people who were injured, mostly from smoke inhalation. Subsequent blasts fuelled the inferno. Here you can find some pictures about disaster.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Together with Lars SM7WVZ we were active in the Nordic Activity Contest on 28 MHz on Sept 2, 2010. Our QTH, JO65or, was on a Sony-Ericsson parking, which is completely empty in the evening. Lars prepared Quad loop for 10 meters mounted on 12m Spiderbeam pole, just to proof the concept. But since we arrived just before beginning of the contest we started with vertical and planned to try Q-loop after NAC.. Unfortunately propagation was not that good at that day and had gone shortly after sundown.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swedish callsign

When I moved to Sweden I used callsing SM7/UR4UJS (prefix of district and my home call). But this works only for one year, so if you plan to stay longer then it's time to obtain local callsign. According to information on this applies primarily to a) foreign nationals who have moved to Sweden, either permanently or bought second home here, or b) people who working here for a long time. No worries! Same rules (assigning callsign and applicaton fee) as for Swedish citizens will be applied to you.

General criteria:
  1. must have a valid certificate from their homeland. 
  2. must have an address in Sweden. 
  3. to prove your identity (ID card or passport).
Radio amateurs from CEPT countries: Within CEPT obey similar rules for amateur radio operations, and it has significantly made it easier for amateur radio operators who want to work from other CEPT countries. So no new exams to be done, just provide a copy of your CEPT license and docs listed above. Current list of CEPT countries is available on the Internet.. Fee must be paid before signal distributed.

Radio amateurs from outside CEPT: If your country is not in the list of CEPT countries, then you have to send your home license to the Registry. The responsible officer must approve the document and copy retained by SSA. Then, if the identity is confirmed and you have an address in Sweden and paid application fee - call sign will be awarded. The officer should ensure that the applicant Certificate class corresponding CEPT requirements.

You will find more information at 
Contact person for call registration - Eric Lund SM6JSM

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello world!

Hello there!
My name is Andrey Mikhaylovsky and I live in Lund (QTH Locator JO65or) in Sweden.Within the wonderfull hobby of HAM-radio my special interest and efforts go to homebrewing the antenna's and mods for my radiostation. Due to limited space at my home QTH I emphasized on portable operations and portabilty of my antennas, at least at 50MHz DXing my portable qth is definately the better place to get new grids!
Check out the various projects I (will) realize(d) and see if you can find something interesting or even useful. Most of the time I spend with ham radio I do DX hunting or just spend some time "on the air".