Friday, September 30, 2011

My SAT 6+8el Yagi

The first VHF antenna I built (and still using) is 6+8el lightweight Yagi. There is huge amount of MMANA models(made by RZ9CJ) and a lot of the construction details at Radioscanner forum
So, what you need for building is a good model with parameters which you think will be the best for your QTH.

..then a few plastic straps, one 2000x15mm (for boom) and several 6mm aluminium pipes and pipe holders from nearby hardware store. Also you can try to use fishing rod instead of metal pipe, but of course binding of the elements will be different.

Then carefully measure needed distance given in the table and place binded directors onto the boom.

I use stretched dipole with an isolated middle part and a coaxial lambda/4-choke as a vibrator. The choke has 5 windings with RG-174 (max power I used was 50Watts) on a piece of PVC-tube with 16mm diameter. One end of the choke is connected to the radiator, the other side is connected to a coax-socket which is grounded to the boom.

This simple 50 Ohm Yagi reach not the highest gain and the best pattern, but very uncritical for constructing and gave me an opportunity to try SAT

Running NAC 144 contest somewhere mid September.

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